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Buy Mill-Direct from the Stocking Supplier / Custom Re-roller of

Alloy 36
Alloy 42
Alloy 48
Alloy 52
 Alloy F15

Strip / Foil / Coil


DFAR Compliant Mill Certs with Full Traceability.

Minimum order
 as low as 25 lbs.

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 The sealing / controlled expansion alloys are Iron-Nickel based. They are used for numerous
 applications that require...

 ... controlled expansion in a range of temperatures
 ... hermetic sealing / sealing glass
 ... high reliability and superior mechanical properties.

 We custom re-roll these grades from stock, to your specific thickness, temper and width
 requirements.  We primarily supply in Coil form, but can also provide cut-to-length Strip in
 certain situations. We supply DFAR-compliant certs, which are fully traceable, included with
 every order.

 Grades Standards Nom. Chemistry Specifications aka Trade Names
 Alloy 36 UNS K93600
UNS K93601
Ni36-Fe bal ASTM B388 / B753
AMS-I-23011 Class 7
MIL-I-23011 Class 7
Invar 36
NILO Alloy 36
 Alloy 42 UNS K94100 Ni41-Fe bal ASTM F30 / B753
AMS-I-23011 Class 5
MIL-I-23011 Class 5
Glass Seal 42
NILO Alloy 42
 Alloy 48 UNS K94800 Ni48-Fe bal ASTM F30
AMS-I-23011 Class 3
MIL-I-23011 Class 3
Glass Seal 48
NILO Alloy 48
 Alloy 52 UNS N14052 Ni51-Fe bal ASTM F30
AMS-I-23011 Class 2
MIL-I-23011 Class 2
Glass Seal 52
NILO Alloy 50
 Alloy F15 UNS K94610 Ni29-Co17-Fe bal ASTM F15
AMS 7728
AMS-I-23011 Class 1
MIL-I-23011 Class 1
NILO Alloy K


 Tempers:  We offer Controlled Expansion Alloys in custom Tempers from soft Annealed to
 Full Hard.

 Gauges:  Precision Strip is re-rolled from stock: .125" Thick to .003" Thin, by coil

 We can precision slit to your custom widths, as narrow as .050" (dependent on gauge and

 Minimum Orders:  Re-rolled strip up to 7" wide requires a 25 to 50 lb minimum. Re-rolled
 strip from over 7" to 12" wide may require a 500 lb minimum. Typical lead times are 2-4
 Widths from over 12" to 14" wide may require larger minimums and  longer lead times.


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