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Buy Mill-Direct from the Stocking Supplier / Custom Re-roller of
Magnetic Shielding
ASTM A753 Alloy Type 2
ASTM A753 Alloy Type 4
Strip / Foil / Coil


DFAR Compliant
Mill Certs with
Full Traceability.

Minimum order
 as low as 25 lbs.

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 ASTM A753
encompasses a group of Nickel-Iron soft magnetic alloys with the unique
 characteristic of very high magnetic permeability, high electrical resistivity, low coercive
 field strength and low core loss.  They are very effective at shielding electrical components
 from static or low-frequency magnetic fields, which cannot be as effectively attenuated by
 other alloys.  They are heavily used in laminations and moderate frequency toroidal
 tape-wound transformer cores.

 Chemical Composition and Specifications:  Typically...
  ... Ni80-Fe15-Mo5  /  ASTM A753 Alloy Type 4  /  UNS N14080  /  MIL-N-14411C Comp 1
  ... Ni48-Fe51        /  ASTM A753 Alloy Type 2  /  UNS K94840  /  MIL-N-14411C Comp 4

 Common Trade Names:  Alloy 49,  Alloy 50,  Alloy 79,  Alloy 80,  FeNi Alloy 80,
 HyMu 80 ,  Hi-Perm 80,  Hipernom,  Mag 7904,  Magnifer 7904,  Moly-permalloy,
 MuMetal ,  Ni80-Mo5-Fe,  Permalloy 80 ,  Permenorm 5000 H2,  Superimphy T,
 Ultraperm 80,  Ultravac 80 ,  Vac 80

 Tempers:  We offer ASTM A753 strip coil in custom Tempers from Annealed to Full Hard.

 Gauges:  Our ASTM A753 strip is supplied in the following gauges / widths...
 ...  .001" Thin to .014" Thick and up to 12" Wide by coil, from Stock, or
 ...  we can also produce up to .062" Thick and 12" Wide by coil with a mill run.

 Our Magnetic Shielding strip is precision slit to your custom width requirements.

 Our DFAR Compliant Mill Certs are fully traceable, and are automatically included with every

 Minimum Orders:  Re-rolled strip up to 7" wide requires a 25 to 50 lb minimum. Re-rolled
 strip from over 7" to 12" wide may require a 500 lb minimum. Typical lead times are 2-4
 Widths from over 12" to 14" wide may require larger minimums and  longer lead times.


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