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Buy Mill-Direct from the Stocking Supplier /
Custom Re-roller of
Copper-Nickel Alloys

CDA 706 CuNi 90
CDA 715 CuNi 70
/ Foil / Coil


DFAR Compliant
Mill Certs with
Full Traceability.

Minimum order
 as low as 25 lbs.


 Copper-Nickel Alloys exhibit outstanding resistance to corrosion (particularly seawater
 corrosion), high inherent resistance to biofouling and good fabricability.  Common applications
 include automotive, coins and marine applications... seawater assemblies, condenser systems,
 desalination plants and heat exchangers.
 Common Trade Names for Copper-Nickel Alloy 706 and 715:  C706,  C715,  CDA 706, 
 CDA 715,  Copper-Nickel 10%,  Copper-Nickel 30%,  Cu90-Ni10,  Cu70-Ni30,  Cu-Ni 90/10,
 Cu-Ni 70/30,  Cupro Nickel alloys,  Cupronickel alloys, Monel 450

 Common Specifications:
 ...  UNS C70600,  UNS C71500
 ...  ASTM B122
 ...  MIL-C-15726F, Amend 1
 Our DFAR compliant certs are fully traceable, and are automatically included with every

 Tempers:  We offer Copper-Nickel Alloy strip coil in custom Tempers from soft Annealed
 to Full Hard.

 Gauges:  Our Copper-Nickel Alloy strip coil is custom rolled from stock...
 ...  Copper-Nickel Alloy 706 strip from .003" Thin to .064" Thick by Coil
 ...  Copper-Nickel Alloy 715 strip from .003" Thin to .064" Thick by Coil

 We can precision slit to your custom widths, as narrow as .050" (dependent on gauge and

 Minimum Orders:  Rolled strip from stock (up to 12" wide) requires a 25 lb minimum, and
 typically ships in 2-4 weeks.  Wider widths (up to 14" wide) require larger minimums and
 longer lead times.


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